Unveiling Orchard Point Kennel: A Haven for Your Furry Friends

Orchard Point Kennel in Junction City, Oregon offers a wide range of services including dog boarding, doggy daycare, private and group lessons, and more, providing a safe and comfortable environment for dogs with experienced owners.


Orchard Point Kennel Services

Orchard Point Kennel, nestled in the serene landscape of Junction City, Oregon, is dedicated to providing a wide array of services for dogs, catering to their physical, mental, and social needs. The facility offers dog boarding, ensuring a comfortable and secure environment for dogs when their owners are away. The doggy daycare service allows dogs to engage in supervised play, exercise, and interaction with other dogs, promoting socialization and reducing separation anxiety. Moreover, private and group lessons are available for dog owners who wish to enhance their pets’ obedience and skills. The kennel also offers board and train programs, where dogs receive personalized training and care, tailored to their individual needs. Additionally, daystay services are provided for pet owners who require short-term care for their dogs.

Furthermore, Orchard Point Kennel organizes special pack walks every Sunday, allowing dogs to explore the beautiful outdoor surroundings and enjoy a fun and stimulating group activity. These walks not only provide physical exercise but also contribute to the mental well-being of the dogs by exposing them to new scents, sights, and sounds. The opportunity for dogs to socialize with other canines during these pack walks is invaluable, fostering positive behavior and social skills. These services are designed to ensure that dogs under their care experience a fulfilling and enriching stay at the kennel, promoting their overall health and happiness [1].

Kennel Facilities and Amenities

The kennels at Orchard Point Kennel are not just a place for dogs to stay; they are a historical landmark that adds character and charm to the facility. The new owners, who took over in June 2023, have carefully preserved the historical significance of the kennels while also modernizing the amenities to ensure the comfort and safety of the dogs. The kennels are equipped with spacious and climate-controlled indoor areas, as well as secure outdoor spaces where the dogs can play and socialize. This combination of historical charm and modern facilities makes Orchard Point Kennel a unique and inviting place for dogs to stay.

Moreover, the new owners’ extensive experience in dog rescue work and training plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall experience for the dogs. They have implemented specialized exercise and enrichment programs to keep the dogs mentally and physically stimulated during their stay. Additionally, the kennel staff are trained in recognizing and addressing the individual needs of each dog, providing personalized care and attention to ensure a comfortable and reassuring environment for every furry guest. This demonstrates the commitment of Orchard Point Park to go above and beyond in providing a nurturing and enjoyable experience for the dogs in their care.

One specific example of the amenities offered at the kennel is the provision of comfortable bedding and toys to make the dogs feel at home. The kennels also have dedicated feeding areas and regular exercise schedules to maintain the well-being of the dogs. These thoughtful amenities, combined with the historical charm and the expertise of the new owners, create an environment where dogs can thrive and enjoy their time away from home.

Customer Experiences and Testimonials

Understanding the experiences of other clients is crucial when considering a kennel for your furry friend. At Orchard Point Kennel, customers have expressed their satisfaction with the attentive care and comfortable facilities provided for their dogs. One customer, Sarah, shared her experience of leaving her dog for boarding and was impressed by the clean and spacious kennels, as well as the friendly and knowledgeable staff who made her feel at ease. Another client, Mark, praised the daycare services, highlighting the engaging activities and socialization opportunities that kept his dog happy and active throughout the day. These testimonials showcase the positive impact Orchard Point Kennel has had on both the dogs and their owners, reassuring potential clients of the exceptional care their pets will receive.

Moreover, the kennel’s commitment to providing a safe and enriching environment for every dog is reflected in the glowing reviews from satisfied customers. Many have appreciated the personalized attention given to their dogs, whether through individual training sessions or group activities. One customer, Lisa, expressed her gratitude for the seamless communication with the staff, emphasizing the peace of mind she had while her dog was in the kennel’s care. These testimonials not only highlight the professionalism and expertise of the team at Orchard Point Kennel but also emphasize the strong bond they form with the dogs under their supervision. The valuable feedback from clients underscores the positive impact the kennel has on the lives of both the dogs and their owners, making it a trusted choice for dog boarding, daycare, and training services in Junction City, Oregon.

Location and Contact Details

Orchard Point Kennel is nestled in the serene surroundings of 27178 Clear Lake, Eugene, OR, 97402, providing a tranquil and safe environment for dogs to enjoy their stay. This location offers a perfect blend of accessibility and peacefulness, allowing pet owners to easily reach the kennel while ensuring their furry friends have a relaxing retreat away from the hustle and bustle.

For seamless communication and convenience, Orchard Point Kennel’s contact information includes a dedicated phone number and email address. This allows pet owners to effortlessly reach out for inquiries, reservations, or updates on their pets during their stay. Moreover, the inclusion of social media links enables easy access to the kennel’s latest news, events, and heartwarming tales of the dogs under their care. The team at Orchard Point Kennel is committed to providing exceptional customer service, and the readily available contact details reflect this dedication to open and transparent communication.

To further accommodate the needs of pet owners, the kennel has meticulously scheduled drop-off and pickup hours. This thoughtful planning ensures that individuals with busy schedules can conveniently drop off or pick up their dogs without any hassle. Whether it’s a weekday or weekend, Orchard Point Kennel strives to make the process of dropping off and picking up pets as smooth and stress-free as possible, reflecting their commitment to going above and beyond for the convenience of their clients.

SevaDog Rescue and Community Engagement

In addition to providing exceptional pet care services, Orchard Point Kennel is deeply involved in community engagement through its close affiliation with SevaDog Rescue. This rescue organization, located in Junction City, Oregon, is driven by a team of passionate volunteers who are dedicated to rescuing and rehoming dogs in need. By collaborating with SevaDog Rescue, Orchard Point Kennel demonstrates its unwavering commitment to animal welfare and community support, offering a comprehensive approach to pet care.

SevaDog Rescue not only focuses on rescuing and rehoming dogs, but also actively collaborates with local shelters and other rescue organizations to save dogs from euthanasia. This collaborative effort underscores the profound impact that Orchard Point Kennel and SevaDog Rescue have in supporting animal welfare initiatives within the community. Through their joint endeavors, they provide veterinary care, training, and rehabilitation for the dogs under their care, ensuring that these animals have the opportunity to thrive and find loving forever homes. This commitment to animal welfare not only enriches the lives of the dogs in their care but also contributes significantly to the broader community’s well-being.

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